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Import Manager can convert text data to regular data and can import the data to the MS Word, excel ,access,OpenOffice Writer,Calc,Base and database.Support a variety of built-in character extraction and processing functions, andalso supports a powerful, flexible javascript to add custom text extraction and processing rules. The apparently simple task of importing a text file into a office or database can quickly get complex and confusing. Import Manager is sold on a Try-Before-You-Buy basis. The unregistrered trial version is fully functional and identical to the registered version. The only exception is that the trial version imports up to 20 records into the output database, you can use the Preview function to see all records without actually storing them in the output database. This allows you to fully test the software: if your import works for 20 records in the trial version, we guarantee that it will work for 100 million records in the registered version. Import Manager can be used as standalone program and as Add-In for Excel , Access and Word versions 2010, 2007, 2003, XP(2002), and 2000. The standalone program is started from the Windows Start menu. The Add-Ins are started from the Tools menu within Excel , Access or Word . Our website:

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