60% Off ANVI Coupon Code

60% Off ANVI Coupon Code

ANVI smart Defender 60% Discount Coupon Code

Anvi Smart Defender PRO – 60% Discount

Anvi Smart Defender PRO Description

Anvi Smart Defender PRO is a practical and complete protection and system optimization. It is an auxiliary tool for the antivirus you already have installed on your computer, so you can use both applications without incompatibility issues between them.

What Anvi Smart Defender does is scan the system for malicious files. With it, malware, virus, trojans, adware and spyware are on borrowed time. This application has tools for simple search, advanced or custom and is also able to give you a boost in PC resources, taking advantage of the best possible way.

Cloud System Booster PRO – 60% Discount


Cloud System Booster PRO Description

Cloud System Booster PRO is a lightweight application that allows you to clean and optimize your system.
The application analyzes your PC and cleans unneeded files. It is capable of cleaning the browser cookies, system files and the registry, as well as the Web history.

By customizing which services are active and which are disabled, Cloud System Booster can optimize your computer to make it perform at its peak. It optimizes network connection to accelerate surfing speed and make Internet speed run smoother.

Anvi Ultimate Defrag PRO – 60% Discount


Anvi Ultimate Defrag PRO Description

Anvi Ultimate Defrag PRO is one of the best defrag tools available in the market to optimize the files present on your hard drive to increase the system performance which speeds up the system activities. It is easy to use, light to install and efficient to defrag.

Anvi Ultiamte Defrag repairs the disk errors and the bad sectors and cleans up all the junk files present on the hard disk and make the disk defragment much smoother. Once the defragmentation is completed, all the files get properly aligned up making it easy for your system to access them. It consolidates all files and the folders which are stored in your hard drive to make it run more efficiently.

Anvi Ultimate Defrag can work based on your special needs. It is featured with Hotzone which includes four modes: Normal mode, Home mode, Business (Work) mode and Entertainment (Game) mode. 5X faster defrag speed than other defrag software which allows you to finish hard drive defrag.

Anvi AD Blocker PRO – 60% Discount


Anvi AD Blocker PRO Description

Pop-up ads are a form of online advertisements on the World Wide Web intended to attract web traffic. Nowadays, pop-ups are used maliciously by some advertisers to install spyware, adware, Trojans and other potential threats. Anvi AD Blocker PRO will help you block these ads efficiently. Some annoying advertising banners that appear inside web-pages might harm your computer, the banner blocker can be easily enabled to block banner ads. Anvi Ad Blocker helps you from phishing ads, which may steal your logins and passwords, and other types of misleading or malicious pop-ups. Spyware or malware comes in many forms of unwanted ads, and Anvi Ad Blocker serves well as a guard to prevent your PC from spyware or unwanted software. New forms malware comes daily, to prevent them effectively, Anvi Ad Blocker keeps up with the latest threats and integrates them into database for quick block. Before starting up, Anvi Ad Blocker will retrieve the latest database from Anvi Cloud server, and it may take few seconds for blocking emerging ads.

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